Do you know if you have an oval window or not? Take the check-up program and find out!
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Patient reviews

He underwent treatment at the cardio center. For a long time they could not diagnose me – I had a stroke, but could not find the cause. It’s good that I got an appointment at the neurology center in Moscow, and there Anastasia Vladimirovna Belopasova sent me to the cardiology center. Dmitry Viktorovich Ognerubov took care of me, he is a very attentive and competent surgeon. He told everything what the occluders look like and how the operation will proceed. Said it would only be 15 minutes. On the day of the operation I was a little nervous, but Dmitry Viktorovich was always in touch on What’s up and it’s so unusual when there is constant contact with the surgeon. The operation was quick and painless. I was discharged the next day after the operation, and a month later I did a control test – everything closed successfully. Thank you for your careful handling and successful operation. Sincerely.

Dmitry, Moscow

My daughter had a stroke at the age of 17, they found thrombophilia in the blood, we were sent to the neurology center in Moscow, where they did a study with bubbles – they found a large shunt, the doctor said that it was probably an open oval window and sent it to cardio center for consultation. A very competent surgeon, he told everything, showed how the occluder would look like and what to fear. As a result, we agreed to the operation, and a week later they put us in and operated on, and then we were discharged just as quickly – it’s amazing that you don’t have to stay in the hospital for a long time and wait for something. Now my daughter is healthy. Thanks you.


Good afternoon. I had a stroke right in training, lifted the barbell with a small weight and after that there was a weakness and some kind of awkwardness in my left hand, even a little led to the side. Then it seemed to have passed, after half a year I decided to figure out what it was. I took a picture of the head and it turned out that there was a small stroke, but I was absolutely healthy – no problems were found either in the heart or in the vessels. It’s good that I got an appointment with a cardiologist who prescribed a study of the heart with contrast, and found an oval window – the cardiologist immediately said that now there are specialists who are actively engaged in this in Moscow and sent them to the surgeon Tereshchenko Andrei, he told everything, helped with the registration of the quota, sent me to the hypertension department – I was quickly operated on and discharged. Very attentive attitude, always in touch with doctors. Thanks for all.

Vitaly, Sochi

Good afternoon, I have been involved in sports all my life – freestyle wrestling, but at the age of 30 I began to notice shortness of breath while running, sometimes during training, I went to the clinic – they said there was a congenital heart defect – a 16 mm septum defect. Then the search began for places where this defect could be closed. They said that they were doing it in Bakulev, but it seems like recently there such operations were done through an incision in the chest. I was lucky, I learned from my friends about what surgeons do from the cardiac center – there was a consultation Tereshchenko Andrei Sergeevich convinced me that the operation could be performed without incisions just through the leg – and after 10 days I was lying with a quota in the department, there myself Head of the department Sivakova O.A. was my attending physician. Everything was done in three days, no pain. Of course, it was not very pleasant to swallow the sensor – but the doctors said that it was necessary before the operation. I thank all the doctors who took part in my treatment.

Albert, Kazan
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