Do you know if you have an oval window or not? Take the check-up program and find out!
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As a rule, an open oval window does not lead to any complications. However, many studies have shown that this defect in the heart chambers is associated with certain diseases: unexplained stroke, migraine with aura, decompression sickness in divers.

In a large number of cases, there are other causes for these neurological symptoms, and finding an open oval window is just a coincidence. However, in some cases, small blood clots can pass through the open oval window into the cerebral arteries causing a stroke.

The Association between an open oval window and the occurrence of stroke and migraine has been established in many studies, but the examination should be approached with special attention.

In rare cases, a large amount of blood can pass through the open oval window and cause a decrease in blood oxygen levels (hypoxemia).

For divers, air bubbles formed when diving and rising to the surface can pass through an open oval window and cause a state similar to a stroke. In some cases, an open oval window is not the only abnormality in the heart and is combined with other congenital heart defects, which requires additional examination.