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Ognerubov Dmitry Viktorovich

Candidate of medical Sciences


  • 2009-2015-Pirogov Russian national research medical University – specialty Doctor
  • 2015-2017-Clinical residency at the A. L. Myasnikov Institute of cardiology of the national research medical CENTER of cardiology, specializing in radiation diagnostics and radiation therapy.
  • 2017-2020 postgraduate program of the A. L. Myasnikov research Institute of cardiology of the national research medical CENTER of cardiology»
  • 05.2019-05.2019 training seminars in Salzburg at the Schloss Arenberg school of cardiology under the supervision of Professor Robert Kim “the AmericanAustrian Foundation»
  • 2019-present master’s degree in healthcare management Institute of state and municipal management at the Russian Academy of National Economy and public administration

Dissertation for the degree of candidate of medical Sciences (2020): “Analysis of the causes of radial artery occlusion and assessment of the possibility of its prevention when using radial access for interventional procedures»

2020-present member of the editorial Board of the American journal of cardiology “Annals of Cardiology Research and Practice»

Work experience:

2012-present – Department of roentgenendovascular methods of diagnosis and treatment of ICK named after A. L. Myasnikov.

Presentations at international congresses and symposiums:

1. ESC 2018, 2019 European Congress of cardiology (Munich, 2018-awarded for the best poster report; Paris, 2019)

2. TCT conference ( Trancatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics): 2018 (San Diego, USA), 2019 ( San Francisco, USA);

3. EuroPCR (European Course in Interventional Medicine): 2019 (Paris, France);

4. AimRADIAL & PCI Conferences 2019 (Chicago, USA), Chair, speaker;

6. VII Eurasian Congress of cardiologists (Tashkent, 2019)

7. Sixth annual transradial endovascular course – (Saint Petersburg, 2019);

8. all-Russian scientific and practical conference “x-ray Endovascular treatment of complex forms of ischemic heart disease” (Krasnoyarsk, 2019) Awarded for the best report.

9. Seventh annual transradial endovascular course (Kazan, 2020). Awarded for the best report.

2017-present-senior post-graduate researcher, coordinator of educational programs.

Work experience:

2017 – present – Department of endovascular methods of diagnosis and treatment of IKK them. A. L. Myasnikov fsbi “SMRC cardiology”, Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

He is proficient in endovascular diagnostic and treatment methods:

  • diagnostic coronary angiography
  • percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with stable CHD and patients with acute myocardial infarction
  • balloon angioplasty and stenting of lower limbs
  • conducting intravascular ultrasound examination of the coronary arteries (ICSI)
  • measurement of fractional blood flow reserve (FRC)
  • Endovascular closure of atrial septal defects and open oval window

He is the author and co-author of more than 30 publications, participates in Russian and international scientific conferences